“Around the world”- in two countries

When Radical Media wanted to shoot an ironic “Internet connecting the world 24 hours a day, 8 days a week” spot for Pacific Bell, they told me: we want to make it look like we shot all over the world, but we can only afford to travel to 2 countries. I suggested Tunisia and Thailand as two film friendly countries where we could get lots of different looks, without going over budget. I had a tiny acting role in it (starting at the 25 second mark.) During the tech scout our director Lenny Dorfman saw a fishing net platform off the coast of southern Thailand. He turned to me and said, “Hutch, tomorrow wear your nicest clothes, and bring your phone and your laptop.” The next day I got into a small boat and was taken to this rickety offshore platform, where I had to sit and make believe I was connecting with the world. The platform walkway was slippery and very narrow, and I came much too close to going overboard, with my computer in hand. The job was pretty awesome.

"Around The World_Dirs Ver._Ver. A_NFA" a from John Hutchinson on Vimeo.